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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wildly in Love

I have never known a love like mine. I have had lots of relationships, some of them ranging well over 5 years. None of them as true and as strong as my relationship right now. My soul mate. It is just pure bliss.

Of course, there are bumps in the road like any other couple. It would be creepy if there wasn't. But they are few and far between. And the road inbetween is like paved gold.

For example, my honey just knows me too well. I came home to 2 Free People tank tops and a candle on Friday afternoon. Next to these gifts, was a card. Not a birthday card or for some holiday. A card for no occassion. A simple, I love my Life with You, card. Not to mention, too fabulous tank tops that are my style, my colors (electric blue and navy blue) and a serious need in my wardrobe. I was just shopping for tank tops online, for vacation. But I never said a word to him... How does he know? Because he is my soul mate. Pure and Simple, just like us.

We spent the rest of our weekend in a love hangover. Doing charity work for our family & friends' on vacation kept us happy and content. Our karma bank overflowing as we washed dog bedding, walked them for hours in the park, played ball, offered treats and pets galore and donated Omega Oil for their dry food.

A wonderful end to an even more fullfilling weekend, as we sat in the hot tub cheersing our Amstel Lights together. We are in Love, and we are perfect for each other!  We haven't settled, we don't have quams with each others' personalities, and nothing or no one can stop us.

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