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Monday, May 2, 2011

Diamonds & White Sand

The love of my life proposed to me a month ago, while we were in San Francisco checking out a housing swap situation. Took me by complete surprise. Even though we've been together for five years, and I've been wearing a Tiffany's promise ring for 3 of them, I was not expecting him to get down on one knee on April Fool's Day. But he did! And it made me the happiest I have ever been. To think of all the hard work, just to by me diamonds made the tears roll, it is the most amazing feeling I've felt.

When Travis and I first started to date, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that we would live the rest of our lives together. As a little girl, I would tell myself that when you met the "one" you will just know instantaneously... without hesitation, that you could be with them forever.. That was how it was with Travis and I.  In the beginning I wrote him a letter speaking of our destiny together: Engagement, Master Degrees, buying our home, and having children.. all the things that are important to me.. and it is amazing to see things pan out the exact way I wrote them down in my letter.

In a few days, we are on our way back to Los Cabos to celebrate Mother's Day, our engagement and simply being alive. (Yes, the low carb diet has me ready for bikini season too!). Getting on the scale at the doctors' office proved my hard work has paid off as I watched the needle drop 7 notches below what I weighed in January. Not too bad considering my level of commitment.

So it is time to pack those bikinis and sandals into a suitcase, grab my fiance and head south.  Happier than we've ever been, and about to be a whole lot happier! We will be inconspiciously looking for locations to elope, ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Here are a handful of some new products that I am taking to Baja, all of them tried and true "must-haves" for life on the beach:

 Sally Hershberger Wave Spray for in and out of the pool, gives soft waves without frizz. $12
 GAP swimsuit in snow leopard, flattering for large busts and not so curvy hips. $80
The "I Forever Do" Engagement Ring, goes with absolutely everything!

Enzo Angiolini Snakeskin Sandals in Pewter. Comfortable and fashionable without being over the top. $60 at Macys.

    Ambercrombie & Fitch 100% Cotton Dress, a staple for anyone's summer wardrobe. I am a sucker for grey, navy & stripes, so as you can see I couldn't pass it up.  $53

                    Can't go to Cabo without a fresh color on your forever-visible, sand spinkled toes.

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