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Monday, May 2, 2011

Diamonds & White Sand

The love of my life proposed to me a month ago, while we were in San Francisco checking out a housing swap situation. Took me by complete surprise. Even though we've been together for five years, and I've been wearing a Tiffany's promise ring for 3 of them, I was not expecting him to get down on one knee on April Fool's Day. But he did! And it made me the happiest I have ever been. To think of all the hard work, just to by me diamonds made the tears roll, it is the most amazing feeling I've felt.

When Travis and I first started to date, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that we would live the rest of our lives together. As a little girl, I would tell myself that when you met the "one" you will just know instantaneously... without hesitation, that you could be with them forever.. That was how it was with Travis and I.  In the beginning I wrote him a letter speaking of our destiny together: Engagement, Master Degrees, buying our home, and having children.. all the things that are important to me.. and it is amazing to see things pan out the exact way I wrote them down in my letter.

In a few days, we are on our way back to Los Cabos to celebrate Mother's Day, our engagement and simply being alive. (Yes, the low carb diet has me ready for bikini season too!). Getting on the scale at the doctors' office proved my hard work has paid off as I watched the needle drop 7 notches below what I weighed in January. Not too bad considering my level of commitment.

So it is time to pack those bikinis and sandals into a suitcase, grab my fiance and head south.  Happier than we've ever been, and about to be a whole lot happier! We will be inconspiciously looking for locations to elope, ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Here are a handful of some new products that I am taking to Baja, all of them tried and true "must-haves" for life on the beach:

 Sally Hershberger Wave Spray for in and out of the pool, gives soft waves without frizz. $12
 GAP swimsuit in snow leopard, flattering for large busts and not so curvy hips. $80
The "I Forever Do" Engagement Ring, goes with absolutely everything!

Enzo Angiolini Snakeskin Sandals in Pewter. Comfortable and fashionable without being over the top. $60 at Macys.

    Ambercrombie & Fitch 100% Cotton Dress, a staple for anyone's summer wardrobe. I am a sucker for grey, navy & stripes, so as you can see I couldn't pass it up.  $53

                    Can't go to Cabo without a fresh color on your forever-visible, sand spinkled toes.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wildly in Love

I have never known a love like mine. I have had lots of relationships, some of them ranging well over 5 years. None of them as true and as strong as my relationship right now. My soul mate. It is just pure bliss.

Of course, there are bumps in the road like any other couple. It would be creepy if there wasn't. But they are few and far between. And the road inbetween is like paved gold.

For example, my honey just knows me too well. I came home to 2 Free People tank tops and a candle on Friday afternoon. Next to these gifts, was a card. Not a birthday card or for some holiday. A card for no occassion. A simple, I love my Life with You, card. Not to mention, too fabulous tank tops that are my style, my colors (electric blue and navy blue) and a serious need in my wardrobe. I was just shopping for tank tops online, for vacation. But I never said a word to him... How does he know? Because he is my soul mate. Pure and Simple, just like us.

We spent the rest of our weekend in a love hangover. Doing charity work for our family & friends' on vacation kept us happy and content. Our karma bank overflowing as we washed dog bedding, walked them for hours in the park, played ball, offered treats and pets galore and donated Omega Oil for their dry food.

A wonderful end to an even more fullfilling weekend, as we sat in the hot tub cheersing our Amstel Lights together. We are in Love, and we are perfect for each other!  We haven't settled, we don't have quams with each others' personalities, and nothing or no one can stop us.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And That's Life

Lately, maybe it's the dark clouds and the rain, but I've just been feeling older. Not like arthritis in you bones old, but like could take over the world with this savvy head on your shoulders- old. Old like mature, young at heart and old in mind. That is how I am rowing these days.

It may be the power of both my partner and I, being in the best position of our lives so far, collaborating together with our feel good energy, positive directions and impressive motivation. A pivotal moment in our relationship opening our eyes to what is important to us... driving us. Or perhaps it is just our time to shine.

Life has it's hills and valleys, and the more you can recognize that and grasp it as life the happier we will become. One of my favorite things to say is, "well that's life." Like I've been living it for a long time. If you say it matter of factly, people will agree. Sometimes we forget that life isn't a fantasy place. It isn't a perpetual amount of happiness, bouncing from fun time to great place and back. There will always be tasks you have to do but don't want to. Money you have to make but never get to see it. People you have to be civil to even if your heart says no. Things that you WANT but can't HAVE. That's life.

I think that once we realize that life in general is this way, we can make room for more interesting ideas and concepts. Making room for your personal life. What do you want your living space to be like? How is your relationship with the love of your life growing? What makes you truly happy? How can I take care of myself  in a way I am comfortable with?

This year is the first since college where I actually feel like I know what I am doing. I have a feeling it is just going to get better from here on....  I can actually see the next ten years in front of me. The path is laid out for us. I have my grounded sense of reality to thank for that. I know how to get what I desire. My desires and dreams drive and inspire me. My partner is driven in the same way. We're a dynamic duo. It may have taken us a little longer than most, but nonetheless we got there. And that's life. Everyone takes their own road to end up at the same place.

Find your path! Get your best head on your shoulders and map out your future. Because before we know it, our future is upon us. Make sure it looks like how you imagined it when you were young. If it doesn't, change paths. Find a way to get there.

great  rain skirt by gregglesworth

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Carbs for Cabo..

This is the second day that I have been on the infamous Atkins Diet. I started immediately once I found out my Christmas present from my mother in law.  The annual trip to Los Cabos for me and my honey.. spoiled brats, I know.  And it isn't the first all-expense paid trip to Mexico she has given us, it is the third in the 4 years him and I have been together. Roll your eyes if you want, but I know you all wish to have in laws like mine!

On a more serious note, who wants to get into their bikini in the dead of winter with those pesky extra pounds glommed on to you? Not to mention all those vacation photos forever floating around. Ready to pop up and show all your friends and relatives that you didn't have your bikini body in Cabo. A reminder of an amazing life time experience, with a less than amazing physique. A physique we could all forget easily..

Well I don't want to go down like that, not me, not this year. Hence, the Atkins Diet- a promise to lose 15 pounds in a month.

The Atkins actually is not as hard as I thought it was, especially when you get to a point where your clothes don't fit. Like I almost have.

A little starvation outweighs a closet full of "too smalls." With the Atkins you can eat everything you normally would (if you normally eat an unusual amount of vegetables) minus anything white.  The hardest part for me is for the first 2 weeks there is no fruit allowed.. coming from a girl who would eat fruit for almost the first half of the whole day, every day~ it has taken a little getting use to. I need motivation. Constant reminders of my goals.

If I start to feel hungry, I pull some photos up from previous years... of the white sand beaches, the lawn chairs, the infinity pools, the warm sun tanning our skin....  It is a reminder that hunger pains don't hurt as much as low self esteem.. Take every day one at a time, aware that time is the only thing that can put me closer to my goal! Time and my personal will power. Stay Focused Ricochet Babe, I can do it and so can you! Now, for another cup of tea.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There is something about the rain. It cleanses us all from a long summer of sun and heat, forcing us inside where it is dry.  This last week has finally felt like winter to me, the coldness swiping at my bones and the dampness teasing my hair into a confused mix. Am I curly or straight?

One thing about the rain which I love and cannot resist loving is when it rains while I am at the office. The idea of being at work while the ground gets saturated gives me a content feeling... I know I am not missing out on anything outdoorsy or adventurous like when it is summertime and I am inside. I know I am not missing out on much... Except that of which is necessary for our exsistence on Earth.  And it happens quite wonderfully while I sit inside and observe.